The Digital Divide

The Digital Divide

60 minutes | Global Television | 2003

The Digital Divide

THE DIGITAL DIVIDE ventures into the developing world in search of people who use technology to solve their problems, create opportunities and make their lives easier

More and more people from around the developing world are catching the digital bug and indeed, trying to use technology to improve their lives

In Kenya we visit a health clinic that uses computers and the Internet to track community health trends and to educate the villagers about protection against such diseases as malaria and HIV

In Zimbabwe we meet two women who have set up a website that overcomes the obstacles of free speech legislated by that courntry's authoritarian government.

In India we visit a community of fishermen who are going out better prepared for the day's weather, having received information that is gathered from a website and broadcast throughout the village.

The hope for proponents of information and communication technologies is that by creating a digital infrastructure in developing countries, the need (not to mention expense) of creating a traditional industrial infrastructure, consisting of roads, land-based telephone lines, etcetera, will become redundant.