Dangerous Obsessions

Dangerous Obsessions

60 minutes | CTV; Discovery Canada; Canal D | 2004

Dangerous Obsessions

Unveiling one of the darkest sides of contemporary society, this documentary chronicles the experiences of three innocent people who became victims of stalkers and the fear and frustration they experienced as their security, careers and sanity was destroyed.

Many people associate stalkers with celebrities such as Madonna or David Letterman, but DANGEROUS OBSESSIONS deals with a more frightening kind of stalking – the stalking of acquaintances – a terrible situation that can affect ordinary people.

A co-worker stalks Karen after a casual introduction. She declines his advances and after a series of frightening encounters she is forced to leave her job and live in self-imposed exile. The police have been of little assistance and after serving a jail sentence for criminal harassment her stalker has gone missing. Karen now lives everyday in the fear that he might return to her life.

Diane was hunted by Ray, a delusional and dangerous childhood acquaintance, who’s vicious fixation made every day a living nightmare for Diane and her entire family. Ray’s threatening behaviour haunted Diane well into her adulthood until he was jailed for threatening her life.

Liam, the swim coach at Simon Fraser University, was stalked by a student. After avoiding her efforts to be close to him, the situation escalated and almost ruined his career when he was falsely accused of sexual harassment and discharged from his dream job.

Through the harrowing stories of Karen, Diane and Liam, the film examines what society has been able to learn about stalking behaviour, and what needs to happen in the future. As experts work toward understanding more about stalking, many victims are struggling to stay alive.