How To Build A Time Machine

How To Build A Time Machine

Feature | 82 minutes | documentary Channel | 2016


How To Build A Time Machine

If you could travel through time, where -- or when -- would you go? Would you revisit a fond memory from your childhood? Catch a glimpse of the future? Or would you travel back in time and change something in your past - even if it changed who you are now? Everybody has fantasized about traveling through time, but is it really possible to build a time machine?

How to Build a Time Machine follows two men, both of whom have set out on a quest to build their own time machines. Rob Niosi is a stop motion animator who has spent the last eleven years constructing a full-scale replica of the time machine prop from the 1960 film adaptation of H.G. Wells’ novella, The Time Machine. Ron Mallett is a physicist from the University of Connecticut who was also inspired by H.G. Wells’ story. However, Ron’s machine isn’t a replica. Dr.Mallett believes he has figured out how to build a real, working time machine.

Through these stories, we will investigate our fascination with time travel and attempt to figure out what’s so appealing about reliving the past and foreseeing the future. We will also look at the power of cinema and the ways in which science fiction storytelling has inspired real life scientific breakthroughs.


  • Student Jury Award, InScience Dutch International Science Film Festival, 2016
  • Best Documentary, New York Sci Fi Film Fest, 2017


  • DOXA, 2016
  • Niagara Integrated Film Fest, 2016
  • SF Doc Fest, 2016
  • AFI Docs, 2016
  • Gimli Film Festival, 2016
  • The Block Film Festival / Logan Film Festival, 2016
  • Flyway Film Festival, 2016
  • InScience, 2016
  • DOC NYC, 2016
  • Singapore International Film Fest, 2016
  • New York Sci Fi Film Festival, 2017
  • Rotterdam International Film Festival, 2017