Equator: A New World View

Few places on Earth are as magical, mysterious, daunting or beautiful as the seething ribbon of biodiversity that lies beneath the Equator. That invisible line stretches 40,076 kilometers around the belly of the planet, linking an extraordinary profusion of landscapes, animals, plants and people in a sultry, ageless climate.

It is a region of jungle and volcano, of sandy islands and sparkling sea, of tortoises older than time and leopards who hunt by night – all beneath a roiling Sun that offers no real seasons and brings, twice a year, the strange spectacle of days without shadows.

The Equator is, literally, the font of all life. It is the Eden where we and all other creatures began.

The equatorial region is, literally, the original Paradise. It is where almost all life, including humanity, began. It is the most bio-diverse area of Earth and the only one where creatures do not go extinct. It is a land where days never vary, where there are no seasons and where, twice a year, there are no shadows.

And it is ground zero for global warming. In our era, the Sun overhead has grown pitiless, forcing all creatures to flee to the north or south. An exodus from Eden has begun, creating a cascade of unpredictable, fascinating and scary conflicts.

Equator: A New World View is a co-production between Toronto’s Primitive Entertainment and Hamburg’s Spiegel TV for ARTE, NHK and Discovery Channel.

12 x 1 Hour | Arte; NHK; Discovery, ZDF Enterprises | 2018