Things That Move

Hosted by Jeff Douglas (“Joe Canadian” from the now legendary “I Am Canadian” rant), Things That Move is a series of 50 documentaries exploring the genesis of going mobile -- from the birch-bark canoe to the electric car, from the first skateboard to the Hovercraft.

Things That Move is a series about how the mixture of starry-eyed inventors, technological innovations and historical trends has led to our traveling in ever more interesting ways. Each fast-paced episode focuses on a unique machine as we examine the struggles, triumphs and sometimes failures of its history.Things That Move delves into the inner workings of the machine itself and observes the effects it has had on our daily lives.

Fifty documentaries exploring the genesis of going mobile

Directed by some of the Canada’s best non-fiction filmmakers, the fifty episodes of Things That Move cover everything from the Bicycle to the Bush Plane, the Canoe to the Car-Boat, the Helicopter to the Hot Air Balloon, the Hovercraft to the Cruise Ship, the Roller Coaster to the RV, the Skate Board, Snowboard, Surfboard, Snowmobile, Tractor, Hearse and much, much more.

50 x 30 minutes | History Televison | 2005 - 2007


  • Gold Award, Opening Title Animation, WorldFest Houston, 2006